hi! welcome to my little site. it's a work in progress and may misbehave. so watch out!

I'm an artist with a broad range of interests, and a love for effective communication and storytelling through visual composition, design, and plain old words.


REACH OUT AND TOUCH FAITH, an AMV for Control (2019) by Remedy Games. 2022

3D Reel. 2021

Triangle Hunt. Fall 2020

Online School – The room I live in and the eyes that watch me at all times. Fall 2020.
This is a 360 degree video, best viewed on mobile Youtube with the use of a phone-based VR headset. If on desktop, remember to watch fullscreen and click and drag to look around, or use the navigational circle at top left!



Short story "We Hold On" published in Quantum Entanglement, a charity fan zine for the video game Half-Life (under pen name "Throcky"), Fall 2020

Associate-level member of narrative design team for Banish, a game by CSULB's Video Game Development Association. Developed an associated short story "No Wealth, No Ruin, No Silver, No Gold". Fall 2017

Short story "What Was On The Book Cover" published in Palouse Review, Fall 2017

Editing and Proofing

Proofed “Development of vaccines and antivirals for combating viral pandemics”, published in Nature Biomedical Engineering journal, December 2020.

Proofed the first five of Craig DeLancey’s “Predator Space Chronicles” books in preparation for their rerelease. Fall 2017.

Computer Stuff

  • I taught myself to code to make this website. It's fun!
  • at one point I built the open-source version of Tilt Brush and tried adding new brushes. I want to paint in VR!!
  • Scraps

  • The Scrungeyard
  • Construction Yard
  • (improved version)
  • my art tumblr
  • take a look at this section of article.